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Comprehensive Air Conditioning Repair in Reno, NV

— Expert Repairs for all Makes and Models

Call the experts at Ross Heating Air for quality and reliable air conditioning repair in Reno, NV, if your AC isn’t blowing cold air! Our experienced AC repair professionals offer varied services that cater to all your home maintenance needs. Whether you need a minor AC repair, are facing an emergency, or are looking for a new air conditioning system, our experts can handle it all. So sit back and relax, knowing your house’s AC issues are in safe and reliable hands. Allow us to handle your home maintenance needs, and we promise satisfactory results to you.

Precision AC Repairs

At Ross Heating Air, we recognize the need for prompt repairs when the air conditioner stops working. Thus, we offer emergency AC repair in Reno, NV, for all makes and models. We quickly diagnose the underlying problem and make the required changes or fixes so you can flawlessly enjoy the cool breezes of your AC.

  • Top Guarantees and Warranties
  • Local AC experts
  • 24/7 available
  • Fast, responsive AC services
  • Quality AC installation
  • Experienced technicians
  • Same-day service
  • Financing options
  • Complete HVAC maintenance

Resolving Common AC Problems

— Get Fast & Friendly AC services

As a top air conditioning company, we understand that even minor AC problems can significantly influence your comfort, energy efficiency, and cooling expenses. Getting timely air conditioning service in Reno will assist in limiting damage and prevent an expensive breakdown. Call our AC repair experts instantly if you observe any of the following signs:

  • Releasing heated air
  • Water or refrigerant leaks
  • Not turning on
  • Freezing outside unit
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Faulty blower motor
  • Thermostat issues
  • Strange odors
  • Unusual noises

Irrespective of the issue, you can rest assured that our HVAC technicians will provide prompt and friendly service at affordable prices. We don’t offer instant solutions. Rather, we invest time to analyze the problem. After that, we comprehensively explain the situation and present all available repair and replacement options so you can make an informed decision. Since our experts have undergone strict training and are certified and licensed, you can entrust your faith in us to offer quality air conditioning and heating repair in Reno, NV.

When to Call for Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Reno

— Reliable service 24/7

While not all problems with your air conditioner necessitate the immediate attention of an expert, there are situations when you shouldn’t wait and enlist HVAC service in reno:

Refrigerant Leaks Leaking refrigerant can endanger humans and animals. Moreover, it can reduce your AC unit’s effectiveness. To avoid such emergencies, call our expert for professional air conditioning service in Reno, NV.

Electrical Issues If your AC releases a burning odor or your lights flicker or fade when turned on, it signifies a major electrical issue requiring prompt action. Have this issue addressed as soon as possible by our renowned air conditioner company to avoid serious issues later.

AC Failure During Extreme Summers Discovering your AC has stopped working, especially in the blistering summers of Reno can be frustrating. But Ross Heating Air has got your back. Seek professional assistance from our experts to get your AC back in shape.

Loud Noises If you experience grinding, banging, and screaming noises from your AC, it’s a sign of an internal problem necessitating quality air conditioning repair in Reno, NV.

Contact Ross Heating Air Today for All AC Repairs!

If you’re looking for an air conditioning service in Reno, schedule an appointment with our AC experts at Ross! We will work with you to provide reliable and lasting air conditioner repair service, ensuring comfort and peace throughout the year.

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